About the Blog

You haven’t updated lately. Is the blog still going?

Yes. I have CVID, a genetic disease where I’m unable to fight off infections and many secondary conditions.  I can get a cold that develops into a sinus infection that takes two doses of antibiotic, and have to keep up with real life. Blogging takes a back self.

What do you do besides blogging and watch anime/playing videogames?

I have a boyfriend, a job, school, and volunteer at the Humane Society.

You’re very socially immature.

I know I am. I fall on the moderate to severe scale of OCD and have it had it since Preschool. People with OCD lack the ability to know whether behavior is okay or not, or understand how people might respond to their behavior when they themselves think it’s harmless. For example, something that most people would know is acting like an attention whore, an OCD person wouldn’t see anything wrong with acting like that.

That said, I am trying to learn and figure it out, but life doesn’t come with a guidebook.

Past Drama FAQ

Why do you say the Conchair raped you?

He did one time.

You know just because you have sex when you didn’t want to/regretted it afterwards doesn’t make it rape.

It was actual rape. The type where I said stop and it happened anyway. Seriously, I have  done it when I didn’t want to and regretted it afterwards and haven’t said I was raped then. This isn’t something I’d lie about.

Why did you stay friends with him/not call the police/insert similar question here

I was 15, trusted him, and in denial and badly didn’t want it to be true. I let him talk me into it not being rape and talked myself into believing it was one of those gray situations. It’s not easy when it’s someone you know and trust at all. It took therapy before I could face the truth and have someone explain to me that it was rape.

You are just power hungry!

I just liked a guy who paid attention to me. The fact that Conchair was a conchair was one of my least favorite things about him. This really is a silly accusation, I have turned down “powerful” men I could have dated and have a normal boyfriend.


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