About Black and Blue Socks

This is a blog. An obsessive compulsive blog actually, as I have a complusion that I love/hate that makes me want to review, well, everything. I also just love to write, I finding it destressing and very enjoyable.

My blog is mostly an anime blog, however, I do throw in posts about movie/book/manga/whatever I feel like posting about, so it’s not strictly an anime blog.

Black and Blue Socks has been running since December 2009.

Where did the name Black and Blue Socks come from? I have always have a compulsion to put black and blue together, and at the time, I was going through an obsession with socks. Eventually a character with black and blue socks would appear, Stocking of Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt, and as such, she has become the mascot.

All fanart on this, unless the artist was specified, was found on Sankaku.

Image used for banner comes from: http://img45.pixiv.net/img/unotaro/11950725.jpg

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