We’re Going To Try This Blogging Thing Again

Okay. We’re going to try this blogging thing again.

Well, the story this time. And I swear, half of my readers are still there to hear the drama of why I’m still not blogging. The ex-friend drama sucked. Turns out the girlfriend was causing a bunch of fighting over me. I don’t really know what it was exactly, except it involved convincing ex-friend I was a dangerous threat in all my 5’1” glory, as well as make him miserable for being friends with me. By the end of it he told me he thought I was going to jump out of the shadows and stab him with a knife. I don’t even own knife. And that’s why ladies and gentlemen, you don’t date controlling.  She, it turned out, was a vindictive little bitch, things got worst, and I got more miserable.

So I was depressed, and then I switched from being depressed to being angry. And then it seems I’m thought to now, I’m top of the seizures, OCD, and fibro, have minor bipolar/cyclothymia. Regardless of whether this is correct or not, I’m now on a medication that finally fixes the fatigue I’ve suffered from for years. I’m horribly busy catching back up on three years of life at the moment, but trying to ease back in the reviewing thing.

Having energy again is amazing when I haven’t had it for so long. I can’t even express how wonderful the human body is when it’s at full potential, and how much it marvels me that it can accomplish. I just want to do cartwheels all day long.

I’m not going to promise this will work. But watch out Fall Season, here I come.


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5 responses to “We’re Going To Try This Blogging Thing Again

  1. Hurrah! I hope everything goes well for you!

    Also, that is a cute Kirby picture, and I could’ve sworn I saw a cute Idolmaster/Pokemon crossover in the banner at one point. :-D

  2. I’m not sure what exactly happened with you but it sounds like you’ve been through bad times =/ I’m glad to hear you’re getting better and I hope to see you around in the fall~

  3. Things to check on from the summer season whilst they last:
    – Binbougami-ga
    – Sword Art Online (even if .hack is a more realistic situation)
    – Kokoro Connect
    Ordered by priority, but welcome to choose as you wish. Bear in mind, Kokoro Connect likes to toe the line on dark and disturbing RL issues. Heartseed and Kyubey seem to go together well. I should toss them both in a blender sometime. Humanity wouldn’t mind.

  4. Yeah! I can’t wait!

    But more importantly, it sounds like you’re happier then you’ve been in a long time and I hope it continues.

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